Quality Assurance Systems

We have a quality understanding that focuses on processes in accordance with customer expectations.

The main elements of the Quality Assurance Program are employees, equipment, building, information technologies and products, and the main principles in the execution of the program are as follows.

A. Leadership: Company management and employees will adopt and assume that KG is a company policy.

B. Training: Employees are subject to regular and registered training on the requirements of the work they do and the KG objectives and policies.

C. Procedures: All work and material flows and job descriptions must be documented in a written and standardized manner in order to create and maintain work and quality.

D. Physical Buildings: All structures should be designed and maintained in quality and maintenance that will not harm the products and employees.

E. Cleaning and Layout: All working areas and social areas, equipment etc. The elements should be in accordance with the determined standards, which will depend on the maintenance and cleaning programs to be followed with periodic charts.

F. Control & Feedback: All registered systems will be audited within a certain timeframe and the results and feedbacks from the business environment (customers, employees, end consumers, etc.) should be used for the continuity and improvement of the system.

G. Registration and Follow-up: The system's predetermined important functions and parameters shall be measured, records of all used documents shall be kept and shall be used in case of need and / or work follow-up.

Quality Assurance Systems